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High impact leadership development

Case study: Leadership Development


Vantage Point are sought after designers and facilitators of high impact leadership development programs for senior executives in Australia and globally. Over the years we have been successful in winning contracts through completive tender, such as our work with Deputy Secretaries (CEOs) in the Australian Public Service, and by invitation, such as our work with Bank Intesa San Paolo in Italy or with Google across the globe.

Our work with Google is illustrative of the integrated approach we take to leadership development where the implementation of an effective learning activity is linked to other capability focused activities. For Google we designed, facilitated and evaluated a three-day flagship Adaptive leadership program for mid and senior level leaders, delivered in over eight global locations from Mt View and New York to Tokyo and Sydney. Individual coaching, small group review and action learning supported the intensive workshop.

To support this program and consistent with Google’s G2G approach we worked with an internal team of facilitators and adaptive practitioners, to build their general facilitation and leadership skills while incrementally strengthening their use of the adaptive leadership framework and use of Case in Point methodology. The internal team, comprising senior People Dev personnel and alumni of the three-day program, became co-facilitators of the leadership program thereby ensuring connection with participants and maintaining a Google presence, while ensuring the company was left with a strong internal capability. Over six years we ran several train-the-trainer workshops, mentored, and coached some twenty internal adaptive facilitators and designed and developed a range of practitioner resources and guidebooks.

Parallel to this work we were invited to facilitate team-based workshops for a range of groups, usually lead by an alumnus of the three-day workshop. These sessions ranged from strategic thinking, stakeholder relationship building to adaptive problem solving. And all involved allowed just-in-time coaching and leadership development linked to the teams challenges and immediate context.


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