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A  few  of  our  clients

We've worked with and learned from many clients through the years, in Australia and around the world.

Colorful Abstract

“Maxime and Michael’s work reveals that using provocation in real leadership requires intelligence, cunning and, perhaps, most importantly, the ability to think outside the square, in persuading people that change that is uncomfortable for them is a good idea."

Laura Tingle, Chief Political Correspondent for the ABC’s 7.30 Report
High impact leadership development, a case study

Vantage Point are sought after designers and facilitators of high impact leadership development programs for senior executives in Australia and globally. Over the years we have been successful in winning contracts through completive tender, such as our work with Deputy Secretaries (CEOs) in the Australian Public Service, and by invitation, such as our work with Bank Intesa San Paolo in Italy or with Google across the globe.

Provocation as Leadership

A Roadmap for Adaption and Change

“While we know our world’s most wicked challenges lack easy answers, this book will surely sharpen the mind, steady the hands, and embolden the heart of any intrepid changemaker who seeks to tackle them." 

Laura Berlind, ED Adaptive Leadership Network, Washington DC

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