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Provoking change and nurturing leadership

When you’re facing complex challenges and there's no right answer, what do you do? Hunker down and stick with what worked before? If this is you, we suspect you already know the answer. 

At Vantage Point we can guide you through the hard conversations, see things with a radically new perspective, build space to learn together, problem solve, and lead thoughtfully on your feet. We facilitate learning and develop adaptive capacity, so you can competently and bravely face the complex and changing world.


Who we work with

People come to us because they want to prepare for the future, seize opportunities and get unstuck. We specialise in applying an adaptive lens across all sectors, with businesses large and small, the public sector, education providers, professional service firms and community groups. We engage as thought partners, edge-finding provocateurs, and designers for pathways forward.


“I had the privilege of seeing Michael and Maxime in action when I was their client. Through their wisdom, care, and yes – provocation – I grew as a person and leader, as have so many others.”

Karen May, Former Vice President of People Development, Google

News and opinions

Provocation as Leadership

A Roadmap for Adaption and Change

Our new book is a blueprint for people who want to ignite change and help their organisations, group, or community break through to a better future – people who know instinctively that provocation is required.

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